Support to Pedagogy

Assistance to publish case studies

The Library helps you to submit case studies to the CCMP :
• Review the Centrale des cas editorial criteria.• Adapt different documents (case studies, teaching notes, annexes...) to the models required by the CCMP.
• Check submission conformity with the file checklist that is essential to register a case study.
• Monitor the submission of a case study with the CCMP editorial centre.

Integrating the My Library module into your course

The Library offers an e-learning module on Courses, MyLibrary, which is available to all students in each programme.
If you have your students working on literature searches as part of your course, you can ask us to use MyLibrary as an asynchronous remote session.

Sharing Library resources on Courses or in your syllabus

You will find a guide about sharing Library resources in the Courses teacher's area.

It will allow you to know the rules that apply in terms of rights (educational exception, copyright, right of short quotation) and gives you precise indications to integrate links to articles, ebooks and other resources contained in our databases.
You can also contact us directly for assistance in setting up links to our resources in your courses and syllabi.