Market studies

Luxury Goods - EUROMONITOR
To access the database, click on "Industries" and then "Luxury and Fashion.".
Qualitative Data and statistics on the luxury industry in 32 countries worldwide. - Analyses of markets, prospects, key figures, company profiles with SWOT analysis.

New section "Sustainability": free access to a wealth of data and insights specific to sustainability
- Sustainable Living Claims Tracker - identify the most attractive countries and categories for expansion of products with sustainability claims
- Evaluate 47 product claims and attributes related to sustainability across 30,000+ brands, 1,000 plus retailers in 40 countries
- Voice of the Industry: Sustainability Survey Dashboard: understand competitors' strategies and how they are tapping into sustainability trends
- Get the views of more than 1,500 industry professionals across FMCG industries on the topic of sustainability
- Sustainability reports – read expert insights, such as Sustainability Post-COVID-19

Marketline, worldwide database provides:
→ 100 000+ company profiles
→ 1200+ SWOT analyses
→ 450+ cases studies
→ 6000+ industry profiles (120 industry sectors and 50 countries)
→ Key socio and macroeconomic indicators for more than 200 countries and 1950 cities:
→ Company news and financial Deals
Sources: experts and analysts at GlobalData (parent company of MarketLine).
Unlimited exports, Reports (40 to 60 pages) in pdf format or Excel format for statistical data.
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Statista provides market international statistics and market data.
→ 1, 5 million statistics, forecasts, market studies and infographics data
→ 22 000 sources
→ 80 000 topics, 600 sectors
→ 50 countries
The portal combines economic data, consumer data, opinion polls and demographic trends. All data can be downloaded in 4 formats (PowerPoint, Excel, PDF and PNG).
Each student, teacher and staff obtains the rights of use and publication.
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Xerfi Knowledge
Includes 5 studies collections:
Collection Essential France: Sector's opportunities and challenges, financial health, competitive dynamics, forecasts for business activity and margins.
Collection Essential International: Reports on major international groups from developed and emerging countries. Strengths and weaknesses, strategic orientations and financial performance.
Collection Essential Corp Groups: Summary reports on major French groups: strengths and weaknesses, business dynamics, development strategies, investment policy, accounts and financial performance.
Collection Essential Forecasts: Summary sheets containing the essentials of market forecasts.
Collection Essential Country Trends: Macroeconomic trends and forecasts for the major countries in the world economy and the main commodities (oil, steel, wheat, etc.). Operational and summary fact sheets.
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Xerfi Canal
The Xerfi channel provides more than 1,000 learning videos, in the form of interviews, on management, strategy, economics and business, produced by experts in their discipline.