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offers access to more than 3 500 international academic journals, including more than 2 000 full text journals and more than 32 000 thesis in economics, management, business strategy, management techniques, product information and competitive information. Some of the available titles : Journal of Economic Literature, Journal of International Business Studies, Organization Science, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Academy of Marketing Science Journal etc. You also have access to press journals : Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Economist, SmartMoney.

ABI INFORM Collection Plus includes several collections:
• ABI / INFORM Collection: reference 8800 academic and professional journals in the fields of economics and management, including 7301 in full text
• Accounting, Tax & Banking Collection: specialized information in accounting and taxation, focusing on the more practical aspects and standards of this sector. 500 titles from more than 120 publishers such as Dow Jones, Euromoney, Thomson Reuters, Aspen Publishers, Inc., Al Bawaba, SNL Financial, Simmons-Boardman Publishing Corporation, SourceMedia ...
• Asian & European Business Collection: specialist information on these regions and dominant markets - information on companies, economies and markets, as well as international trade news and general economic conditions in these regions
• Business Market Research Collection (includes Hoover's, Snapshots, OxResearch, and Barnes Reports: profiles of over 40,000 companies, 600 industries and 225,000 key executives.
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Academy of Management - AOM v

Provides academic journals in full text published by The Academy of Management, a professional association for management and organization scholars.
Archives: 2 years only
Ex: Academy of Management Discoveries, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Learning and Education, Academy of Management Perspectives, Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, Academy of Management Annals.

American Economic Association v

Provides academic journals in full text published by the American Economic Association. American Economic Review, AER: Insights, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, Journal of Economic Literature, Journal of Economic Perspectives, AEA Papers and Proceedings.
Archives since 1999

Audit Analytics (Limited access for professors and masters students)
Modalities for access :Access via WRDS platform - Request an account at this address: (register button) -  Email address mandatory v

Detailed audit information on over 1,200 accounting firms and 15,000 publicly registered companies. Audit + Compliance: composed of 10 databases and covers all SEC registrants: Audit Fees, Audit Opinions, Audit Changes, Auditor Engagements, Benefit Plan Opinions, Director & Officer Changes, Disclosure Controls, Financial Restatements, Internal Controls, Late Filers.


Bloomberg (Limited access for students in Finance specialization in trading rooms and restricted access for the professors in the Rouen Library Faculty room.) v

Real-time and historical stock market data for commodities, derivatives, capital and foreign exchange markets etc.
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Bloomsbury Food Library v

Bloomsbury Food Library provides a wide collection of resources specialized in Food field.
It reflects the interdisciplinary nature of this topic as history, sociology, cultural studies, human geography …
Data come from Bloomsbury and from partner publishers.
• Access to encyclopedias, references works, e-books, images, specially curated lesson plans and bibliographic guides to assist teaching and research, podcasts from the Oxford Food Symposium …
• Global coverage

Subscription financed by the Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development Chair of NEOMA BS
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Cairn v

Full-text articles from 250 French-language humanities and social sciences journals. Collection: Economics, Management, Sociology, Politics.
Supprimer la mention des encyclopédies QSJ et Repères (anciennes éditions)

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Cambridge University Press v

Provides academic journals in full text published by Cambridge University Press.
Full collection : 408 titres
Journal of Management & Organization, Management and Organization Review, Business Ethics Quarterly, Econometric Theory, Journal Of Financial And Quantitative Analysis, European Journal of Sociology …

Cap Financials v(40 simultaneous accesses)

Cap Financials provides annual reports and balance sheets of listed and unlisted French companies (12 million active and 20 million inactive companies listed)
• The data come from official sources: INPI, INSEE, Official Journal
• The reporting period is 10 years; updated daily
• You can use multiple cross-search functionalities: activity, geographic area, workforce, turnover, etc.
• Other functionality: perform comparison reports between companies
• Data export : limited to 100,000 reports per month, reports in pdf and / or Excel format with customization
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Capital IQ - Standard and Poor's (Limited access for professors and masters students in Finance specialization)
Modalities for access: Creation of a nominative account on the platform – Email address mandatoryv

Companies: public and private company profiles (Company news, Fundamentals, Mergers And Acquisitions transactions, Company filings (SEC filings,annual reports), Investors and investments, Information on directors, business relationship and business activity). Markets: Daily Market data, Industries analyses, Commodities, Interest rates
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Career center by Jobteaser

Compustat North America - Standard and Poor's (Limited access for professors and masters students)
Modalities for accessAccess via the WRDS platform - Request an account at this address: (register button) - Email address mandatory.  v

Data on companies and capital markets , including the historical daily and monthly prices, dividends and securities transactions .
Business data for more than 30000 active or inactive companies listed on the North American market (USA and Canada)
Specific indicators on the air traffic , housing , gaming , construction , health , energy , mining or semiconductors areas.
Commercial / industrial companies and banks :2000 banks and thrifts from 1962.
Market data : share price , dividends and profits for about 70,000 companies listed on the NYSE , AMEX , TSE and other exchanges in North America .
Securities transactions. Index data , and composition courses
Accounts: annual data from 1950; quarterly data from 1961
- Industry Data and pensions : from 1973
- Data by department: annual data from 1976
- Share data : daily data from 1983; monthly from 1962

Compustat Execucomp - Standard and Poor's (Limited access for professors and masters students)
Modalities for accessAccess via the WRDS platform - Request an account at this address: (register button) - Email address mandatory. v

Annual data from 1992 forward on the top five executive officers within a company.
Executive compensation data on the top officers of over 3.300 companies, 39.000 executives, 220 data items.
Includes base salary, bonus and stock option data as well as company financial data.

Compustat Global - Standard and Poor's (Limited access for professors and masters students)
Modalities for accessAccess via the WRDS platform - Request an account at this address: (register button) - Email address mandatory. v

Provides non-U.S. and non-Canadian fundamental and market information. CG is a database of non-U.S. data is unique in that it is normalized to provide comparability across a wide variety of global accounting standards and practices.
  • Fundamentals and market data for up to 90% of the world's total market capitalization except North America (+80 countries)
  • Annual and quarterly data from fundamentals, index constituents and securities
  • Index prices back up to 10 years
  • Data history since 1987

CRSP - Center for Research in Security Prices (Limited access for professors and masters students)
Modalities for access Access via the WRDS platform - Request an account at this address: (register button) - Email address mandatory. v

1925 US Stock Database : contain daily and monthly market and corporate action data for over 32,000 active and inactive securities with primary listings on the NYSE, NYSE American, NASDAQ, and NYSE Arca exchanges and include CRSP broad market indexes.



Datatstream (a single-user access / teachers' room at the Library Rouen / Pc at the Library Reims) v

Data on companies and financial markets around the world and macroeconomic indicators and time series.
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DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) / Bibliothèques de l’Université de Lund v

Directory of 7,500 open-access journals.


Ebook central

E-books en anglais.
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Econ Paper - Repec v

Research papers and economic journals: over a million publications accessible online in full text.

Emerald Insight - Emerald Group Publishing Limited v

Emerald Management Portfolio Collection: 222 peer-reviewed academic journals in the following disciplines:
Accounting, Finance and Economics, Business Management and Strategy, Engineering, Human Resources, Learning and Organization Studies, Information and Knowledge Management, Marketing, Operations, Logistics and Quality, Property Management and Built Environment, Public Policy and Environmental, Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management
Articles available in full text.
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Europresse - CEDROM SNI (6 simultaneous access) v

Europresse provides text or pdf access to:
• nearly 17,000 press sources: national, regional and international, magazines, newswires, referenced websites and thematic blogs, video clips, as well as their archives.
• biographies of leaders of French companies, files of cultural personalities as well as actors of the national political world
• over 4 million studies and reports on markets, countries, companies and government agencies
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Factiva - DOW JONES (20 simultaneous access) v

Dow Jones Factiva includes:
• National, international and regional newspapers--current content and archives (e.g., The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Times, The Wall Street Journal, El Pais, The Financial Times, The Guardian, etc.)
•  Magazines, journals and trade publications (e.g., Forbes, Newsweek , etc.)
•  Newswires (e.g., AFP, Reuters, Dow Jones, etc.)
• TV or radio podcasts (e.g., BBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox , etc.)
• Major news and business information websites, blogs and message boards
    Company reports
• Photo agencies (e.g., Reuters, Knight Ridder, etc.)
• Materials on the EUR-Lex website, giving access to the law of the European Union
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Figaro v

Le Figaro offers free numerical access to to the all members of Neoma BS.

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Going Global : Country career guides

Going global : USA / Canada Cities guides

Greenfile - EBSCO v

Database about environment in relation with law, technology, education, agriculture. It contains more than 295 000 research papers and government reports. 4600 full-text articles.
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French-language humanities and social sciences open archive giving access to academic articles, preprint, and working papers.

Highered, the Global Talent Network - EFMD v

Internship, trainee positions, apprenticeships and graduate positions from companies around the world.

Hospitality and Tourism Complete - EBSCO v

Specialized in the hospitality and tourism sector:
• More than 140 academic and professional journals
• 1.5 million bibliographic references
• 50 manuals, encyclopedias
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Iagora v

Over 10,000 internships and job offers in 82 countries as well as tips to apply internationally.
When you log in for the first time, click on the link, complete the form and click on the "Validate" button.

Informs PubsOnLine v

INFORMS international association’s database, specialised in the fields including operations research, analytics, management science, economics, behavioral science, statistics, artificial intelligence, data science, applied mathematics.
Provides access to the full text articles from 17 academic journals published by Informs.
Coverage: from 1998 to present. Decision Analysis, Information Systems Research, Informs Journal On Applied Analytics, Informs Journal On Computing, Informs Journal On Data Science, Informs Journal On Optimization, Informs Transactions on Education, Management Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Marketing Science, Mathematics Of Operations Research, Operations Research, Organization Science, Service Science, Stochastic Systems, Strategy Science, Transportation Science.



JSTOR is an online archive of academic journals. Contents : 12 million documents - 75 disciplines in the following fields: art, social sciences, humanities, law, economics, science and mathematics, health and medicine, geographical studies. Full text of over 2,800 journals from 1,200 publishers, with publication dates from 1665 (for some titles). The majority of journals are available with a "movable barrier", i.e. a delay (generally three to five years) between the publication date of an issue and its full-text availability in digital form.
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Lexis 360 - Lexis Nexis JurisClasseur  v

Legal information basis:
• 29 journals: La Semaine juridique, Revue de droit fiscal, Cahiers de droit de la société, Revue de droit bancaire et financier…
• 56 encyclopedias: Commercial, Banking, Credit and Stock Exchange, International Law, Sole Proprietorship, Companies ...
• Case law texts: Constitutional Council, Cour de Cassation, Courts of judicial appeal, Court of Justice of the EU, European Court of Human Rights ...
• Official texts: Codes and Laws, Official Journals of Laws and Decrees, Official Journals of the EU, Collective agreements ...
• Educational revision sheets: company law, labor law, etc.
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Luxury Goods - EUROMONITOR v

To access the database, click on "Insustries" and then "Luxury and Fashion".
Qualitative Data and statistics on the luxury industry in 32 countries worldwide. - Analyses of markets, prospects, key figures, company profiles with SWOT analysis

New section "Sustainability": free access to a wealth of data and insights specific to sustainability
- Sustainable Living Claims Tracker - identify the most attractive countries and categories for expansion of products with sustainability claims
- Evaluate 47 product claims and attributes related to sustainability across 30,000+ brands, 1,000 plus retailers in 40 countries
- Voice of the Industry: Sustainability Survey Dashboard: understand competitors' strategies and how they are tapping into sustainability trends
- Get the views of more than 1,500 industry professionals across FMCG industries on the topic of sustainability
- Sustainability reports – read expert insights, such as Sustainability Post-COVID-19


MarketLine v

Marketline, worldwide database provides:
→ 100 000+ company profiles
→ 1200+ SWOT analyses
→ 450+ cases studies
→ 6000+ industry profiles (120 industry sectors and 50 countries)
→ Key socio and macroeconomic indicators for more than 200 countries and 1950 cities:
→ Company news and financial Deals
Sources: experts and analysts at GlobalData (parent company of MarketLine).
Unlimited exports, Reports (40 to 60 pages) in pdf format or Excel format for statistical data.
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MERGENT Fixed Income Securities Database (FISD) (Limited access for professors and masters students)
Modalities for access Access via the WRDS platform - Request an account at this address: (register button) - Email address mandatory. v

For academia is a comprehensive database of publicly offered U.S. bonds. FISD contains issue details on over 140,000 corporate, corporate MTN (medium term note), supranational, U.S. Agency, and U.S. Treasury debt securities and includes more than 550 data items.


NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research) v

Research papers published by the National Bureau of Economic Research.


Orbis - Bureau Van Dijk  v

Orbis provides accounts of more than 386 million international companies with over 90,000 listed.
-Detailed financial statements in a standardized format to facilitate comparisons, but also as filed by companies in the national register
-Financial Soundness Indicators
-Directors and their contact
-Digitized reports
-Market information for listed companies
-Detailed ownership
-News and articles
Unlimited download
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Oxford Academics v

Provides academic journals in full text published by Oxford University Press.
Social Sciences + Economics & Finance packages.
Archives since 1996
Ex : Journal of Consumer Research, Review of Financial Studies, Cambridge Journal of Economics, European Sociological Review, Industrial and Corporate Change, …..



Psycarticles - EBSCO v

118 academic journals in the social and behavioral sciences, published by the American Psychological Association, the Canadian Psychological Association, Hogrefe Publishing Group and APA's Educational Publishing Foundation.
Articles available in full text.
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Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection - EBSCO v

Full text articles from more than 500 journals in psychiatry, psychology and medicine. Articles available since 1965.
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Preqin (Limited access for professors and masters students)
Modalities for access :Access via WRDS platform - Request an account at this address: (register button) -  Email address mandatory v

Preqin covers Private Equity and Venture Capital. Provides information on institutional investors, funds, fund managers, portfolio companies, and deals. Includes performance metrics like capital calls, distributions, investment multiples, and IRRs, among others.


Regional Business News - EBSCO v

Full-text academic articles from nearly 80 regional business publications in the United States and Canada.
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Reprisk (Limited access for professors and masters students)
Modalities for access:  Access via the WRDS platform - Request an account at this address: (register button) - Email address mandatory. v

Database in Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance data science, ESG risk research and quantitative solutions for business conduct. - 195,000 public and private companies: Company identifiers including RepRisk ID, company name, sector, and country of headquarters. - RepRisk Index (RRI) values including Current RRI, Peak RRI, ESG breakdown of Current RRI - Breakdown of risk incidents by the 28 ESG Issues, including severity and source breakdown - Breakdown of risk incidents by the 73 ESG Topic Tags, including severity and source breakdown Historical data: Full data history: from January 2007 to December 2021 Data granularity: Daily values


Sage Journals Online v
Electronic access to over 760 peer-reviewed journals (over 670,000 articles) in the humanities and social sciences fields, including leading international titles.
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ScholarVox - Cyberlibris v

Electronic library offering access to full-text versions of over 31,000 document (30,000 e-books) in management science: marketing, human resources, finance, law, economics (50 % in French). More than 180 specialised publishers including Dunod, Les Editions d’Organisation, Belin, Economica, EDP Sciences, Eyrolles, etc.
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ScienceDirect - ELSEVIER v

All Elsevier journals published since 1995 (around 2,300 titles) including 21 thematic collections in: Business, Management and Accounting, Economics, Econometrics and Finance, Computer Science, Decision Sciences, Engineering, Psychology, Social Sciences.
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Scopus - ELSEVIER v

Bibliographic database of citations and abstracts.
•  over 25 100 titles: over 23 000 peer-reviews journals, over 850 books series, over de 9,8 millions conference papers
•  over 5 500 articles in press
• over 77,8 million records
• about 70 000 institutions profiles
•  16 million author profiles
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SSRN (Social Science Research Network) v

Springer Link / Springer v

Provides more than 1000 academic journals in full text published by Springer Nature in accounting, economics, marketing, mathematics, statistics, social sciences …  
Archives since 1997.

Ex : Annals of Operation Research, Economic Theory, Journal of Business and Psychology, Small Business Economics …

Access to over 380,000 abstracts (summaries) of research work and preprints in economics and social sciences. Over 315,000 downloadable full-text documents in PDF format.

Statista v

Statista provides market international statistics and market data.
→ 1, 5 million statistics, forecasts, market studies and infographics data
→ 22 000 sources
→ 80 000 topics, 600 sectors
→ 50 countries
The portal combines economic data, consumer data, opinion polls and demographic trends. All data can be downloaded in 4 formats (PowerPoint, Excel, PDF and PNG). Each student, teacher and staff obtains the rights of use and publication.
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Bibliographical references of every thesis defended in France since 1972.


Taylor and Francis v

Provides academic journals in full text published by Taylor & Francis.
Package Human & Social Sciences: Business, Management et Economics, Psychology, Arts & Humanities, Sport, Leisure and Tourism …
Package Sciences & Technics: Mathematics & Statistics, Engineering, Computer & Technology, Biology, Earth à Environmental Food …
Archives since 1996.

Ex : Accounting and Business Research, European Journal of Information Systems, European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, International Journal of Human Resource Management, International Journal of Production Research, Public Management Review …


Bibliographical references and/or full text from theses in self-archiving (theses deposited by their authors)

Times Higher Education (THE) v

Online access to articles, analysis of global perspective on trends and developments in higher education, THE World University Rankings and access to the weekly digital edition of the magazine which includes more than three years of back issues.

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Wiley Online Library - WILEY v

Full text articles from more than 1474 academic journals in management science, social sciences, and economics. (Journal of Finance, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Supply Chain Mangement, Strategic Management Journal, Human Resource Management …)
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WRDS - Wharton Research Data Services - Wharton University of Pennsylvania (Limited access for professors and masters students)
Modalities for access: Request an account at this address: (register button) - Email address mandatory. v

Interface which gives access to the following databases : Compustat, CRSP, Bank Regulatory, Blockholders, CBOE Indexes, Contributed Data, DMEF Academic Data, Dow Jones Averages and Total Return Indexes, Fama-French Portfolios and Factors, Federal Reserve Bank Reports, MSRB - Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, OTC Markets, Penn World Tables, Peters and Taylor Total Q, Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX), Public Data, Research Quotient, SEC-mandated Disclosure of Order Execution Statistics, OTC Corporate Bond and Agency Debt Bond Transaction Data.


Xerfi Canal - GROUPE XERFI v

The Xerfi channel provides more than 1,000 learning videos, in the form of interviews, on management, strategy, economics and business, produced by experts in their discipline.
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Xerfi Knowledge - GROUPE XERFI v

• 350 Sector studies France: distribution, industry, business services
• "Global" studies: international studies on 60 major global sectors, 40 reports on major international groups
• 60 Group and company studies in France in the banking, distribution, luxury goods, transport and industry sectors
• 100 HR Employment Studies: analysis of changes in the workforce, changes in professions, employee profiles, salary practices, training, etc.
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