A new career database : Going Global

A new career database now available : Going Global

Going global : Country career guides

Going global : USA / Canada Cities guides

The  jobseeker’s tool for finding employment at home and abroad including  :
  • Job search resources: general and specialized job sites, job fairs, newspapers that publish job ads, government employment offices, executive search firms, and temporary staffing agencies
  • Country employment outlook and key industry trends
  • Top company listings : corporate profiles of the largest employers including NAICS descriptions, revenue and full contact information
  • Industry-specific trade and professional organization information : issues of special concern for foreign professionals, education requirements, trade associations and industry web sites
  • Business resources : trade councils, chambers of commerce, and other professional and social networking groups
  • Work permit and visa regulations
  • Finance and compensation information : taxes, housing, transportation, cost of living, medical insurance, vacation/leave, pensions, social security, and more.
  • Resume/CV writing guidelines and examples
  • Interview advice
  • Cultural advice
For further information, please read the user's guide.