Monitoring student work - detect plagiarism

To guarantee the quality of written work by students and their equal treatment, NEOMA Business School uses anti-plagiarism software.

All end-of-coursework (professional theses, dissertations and internship reports) is systematically analysed by this software when the student uploads it to Moodle.
After analysing the document, the software awards it a similarity score: in line with programme policy, a tolerance of 7% is allowed.

The Library conducts a second analysis of any document with an overall rate of similitude higher than 7%. The results, with comments, are sent to the professor and programme.

Professors can also check work handed in by students or make a one-off check of a single piece of work. The Library is available to help set up the check and interpret the results of the analysis.

Capitalisation of dissertations

Dissertations that are awarded a mark of 16 or more are added to our catalogue for 5 years. Students can consult the complete test in PDF format and use them as models of high-quality dissertations.
Our catalogue :