Market studies

Passport / Euromonitor
Macro-economic data on 24 consumer product markets in more than 200 countries (market research, sector-based studies, studies of consumer behaviour, country profiles, company profiles – companies tab)

Luxury Goods. Passport / Euromonitor
Qualitative Data and statistics on the luxury industry in 32 countries worldwide. - Analyses of markets, prospects, key figures, company profiles with SWOT analysis

Statista provides market international statistics and market data.
→ 1, 5 million statistics, forecasts, market studies and infographics data
→ 22 000 sources
→ 80 000 topics, 600 sectors
→ 50 countries
The portal combines economic data, consumer data, opinion polls and demographic trends. All data can be downloaded in 4 formats (PowerPoint, Excel, PDF and PNG).
Each student, teacher and staff obtains the rights of use and publication.

Xerfi Knowledge / Groupe Xerfi
600  studies of 400 French market sectors, including 70 sector-based studies of France available in English, macro-sectoral forecasts including detailed forecasts of 40 large sectors, analysis of French makeup in terms of groups and companies, 40 studies of 40 global economic sectors.

Xerfi Canal / Groupe Xerfi
The Xerfi channel provides more than 1,000 learning videos, in the form of interviews, on management, strategy, economics and business, produced by experts in their discipline.