Financial Data

Real-time and historical stock market data for commodities, derivatives, capital and foreign exchange markets etc.
To be used from library consultation stations, or in trading rooms. User guide available in libraries.

Capital IQ / Standard and Poor's  (Limited access to students from Majeures Finance d'entreprise, Finance de marché, Finance & Gestion internationale du campus Rouen)
Companies: public and private company profiles (Company news, Fundamentals, Mergers And Acquisitions transactions, Company filings (SEC filings,annual reports), Investors and investments, Information on directors, business relationship and business activity). Markets: Daily Market data, Industries analyses, Commodities, Interest rates

Compustat North America / Standard and Poor's
Data on companies and capital markets , including the historical daily and monthly prices, dividends and securities transactions .
Business data for more than 30000 active or inactive companies listed on the North American market (USA and Canada)
Specific indicators on the air traffic , housing , gaming , construction , health , energy , mining or semiconductors areas.
Commercial / industrial companies and banks :2000 banks and thrifts from 1962.
Market data : share price , dividends and profits for about 70,000 companies listed on the NYSE , AMEX , TSE and other exchanges in North America .
Securities transactions. Index data , and composition courses
Accounts: annual data from 1950; quarterly data from 1961
- Industry Data and pensions : from 1973
- Data by department: annual data from 1976
- Share data : daily data from 1983; monthly from 1962
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Compustat Execucomp / Standard and Poor's
Annual data from 1992 forward on the top five executive officers within a company.
Executive compensation data on the top officers of over 3.300 companies, 39.000 executives, 220 data items.
Includes base salary, bonus and stock option data as well as company financial data.
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CRSP / Center for Research in Security Prices
1925 US Stock Database : contain daily and monthly market and corporate action data for over 32,000 active and inactive securities with primary listings on the NYSE, NYSE American, NASDAQ, and NYSE Arca exchanges and include CRSP broad market indexes.
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Diane / Bureau Van Dijk (3 simultaneous access)
Company accounts , ratios, activities, scanned annual reports, descriptive information, ownership and management for more than 1 million companies in France. Search by hundreds of criteria : geographical area, activity, number of employees, financial ratios, shareholders ... Possibility to export all data and charts (Word, Excel, Access).
Data Download is not possible with remote access utilisation.

Datastream / Thomson Reuters (a single-user access / teachers' room at the Library Rouen)
Data on companies and financial markets around the world and macroeconomic indicators and time series.

Orbis / Bureau Van Dijk (3 simultaneous access)
Orbis contains information on 80 million listed and unlisted companies. Annual reports are available for the largest companies ("Global Reports" tab). Information available over 10 years.
Data Download is not possible with remote access utilisation.

WRDS - Wharton Research Data Services / Wharton University of Pennsylvania
Interface which gives access to the following databases : Compustat, CRSP, Bank Regulatory, Blockholders, CBOE Indexes, Contributed Data, DMEF Academic Data, Dow Jones Averages and Total Return Indexes, Fama-French Portfolios and Factors, Federal Reserve Bank Reports, MSRB - Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, OTC Markets, Penn World Tables, Peters and Taylor Total Q, Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX), Public Data, Research Quotient, SEC-mandated Disclosure of Order Execution Statistics, OTC Corporate Bond and Agency Debt Bond Transaction Data.
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