Press articles

Delphes / Indexpresse
Bibliographical references of articles from 350 analysed French-language journals including 100 titles from the French economic, trade and financial press corresponding to the ILC’s paper subscriptions (for example: L’Entreprise, Challenges, L’Expansion, Management, Courrier Cadres, LSA, Points de Vente, etc.)..

Europresse / CEDROM SNI (6 accès simultanés)
8000 sources of information : about 2,000 journals (including national Press (Le Monde), regional, international, general and specialized press and more than 4000 websites and blogs

Factiva / Dow Jones
Full-text articles taken from the international press: 10,000 publications in 26 languages, from 200 countries. Daily and weekly French and foreign press (Les Echos, Libération, L’Express, Le Point, New York Times, The Times , Newsweek, Die Welt, El País , etc.)