Case studies

Only professors can search for case studies in the catalogue of our two libraries.
After logging in with your mail and "first" password, you will have access to case study information:
  • Reproducible” case studies are the property of NEOMA Business School. Professors can use them freely in all programmes, with no limit to the number of students involved (presentation + teaching note+ any additional documents). NB: make sure you respect the campus indicated in the licence. A case bought for Reims or Rouen cannot be used on the other campus.If you wish to use a case study on your campus, please check on the record on the catalogue if that this case study can be used on your campus.
  • Consultable case studies (only the presentation is available, and they cannot be used in class, but have to be ordered)

Only CCMP case appear in the catalogues (Centrale des Cas et de Médias Pédagogiques). For any additional information, or to view new titles, visit the CCMP website:
Case Centre case studies (formerly ECCH) do not appear in our catalogues. You can however consult "inspection copies" by registering on the Case Centre website as a NEOMA Business School faculty member. Only the presentation is available.
You will find English language cases on the Case Centre website, notably case studies developed by Harvard, Ivey, Stanford, INSEAD, etc.
You are reminded that these case studies are purchased individually (one case study per student per course). The name of the professor, the name of the course and the date appear on the case study.
For any additional information, or to view new titles, consult the Case Centre website:

If you cannot find the case study you need for your course, please order it by filling in the order form