The Library offers you access to a digital library, or e-library, accessible 24/7, comprising:

  • A catalogue (listing the libraries’ paper collections and e-books)
  • An environmental monitoring database : VIP
  • 30 subscriptions to specialist databases giving you access to :
    • 20 000 e-books
    • 3 press articles databases
    • 16 academic articles databases
    • A multi-source search engine that you can use to search all our academic databases simultaneously

All these resources are available off campus 24/7 via the Library website to anyone who has a First account.

First accounts: all NEOMA Business School salaried staff and students have a First account, which they can use to access our digital resources off campus.

We can help you to use these resources via our self-training space

Use of electronic resources
The consultation, reproduction and transmission of the resources is only authorised for strictly private use, study, teaching and research, and can under no circumstances be use for commercial purposes or on behalf of a company, in accordance with the contracts established with our suppliers.
Their use is strictly reserved for use by NEOMA Business School students and staff.
Authorised users may not transmit, publish or make available in any way the contents of these resources to unauthorised users.